Top 5 Data Recovery Apps To Recover Deleted Files from your Phone

Aadil Times - June 20, 2021 at 2:59 PM

Losing a file is extremely painful and it will be one hell of a moment when you accidentally delete your photos videos or any important files from your Android device. With android lacking a recycle bin feature unlike in windows, it may seem almost impossible to retrieve deleted data from Android devices.  Actually, it is possible to recover your deleted files and folders with the use of some third-party apps. Before knowing the recovery apps, let’s first know how data recovery apps work. 

How Data Recovery Apps Work?

while you delete a file, the data of the file will not delete entirely. In fact, Android just mark that space as empty and only treats the file as missing. Hence, you cannot see the file and that space can be overwritten by new files. When that space is occupied by other files, your file cannot be recovered. Data recovery apps use various algorithm to grab the stored logs and recover the files. Here are  5 apps with which you can recover deleted files in Android


Dumpster is one of the best apps to recover your deleted files and photos. Its built-in bin grabs everything from files to music as well as video files. Dumpster doesn’t reduce the quality of your photos or videos and also provides a file backup service. Using a Dumpster is one of the quick and efficient ways to recover recently deleted photos and videos from your device. 

Download Dumpster

Recovery software: Recover Deleted files

This app does what exactly its name suggests. With over 4.5 ratings on the Google play store, you can rely on this app to recover your photos videos and audio. The app will work on almost all android versions and even can recover very old files. The nice interface with is the minimalistic design and simple UI make Recovery software: Recover Deleted files pretty easy to use.

Download Recovery software: Recover Deleted files

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Undeleter helps you to get back your deleted files and folders with Its unique algorithm, The algorithm scans your entire device and extracts the cached data. The app then processes the cached data with its algorithm and recovers the files instantly. Undeleter works best in rooted phones but you can also try on an unrooted one. 

Download Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Diskdigger photo recovery

With over 100 million downloads, Diskdigger photo recovery is one of the oldest and most reliable recovery apps out there. During my testing, this (roughly 1 MB) app recovered almost all of my photos which I deleted almost a month ago. It doesn’t need any root permission but rooting surely helps to expand the search. The only limitation of Diskdigger is that it can only recover photos. 

Download Diskdigger photo recovery


Ultdata is a relatively new app in the market but it gets the job done. IT doesn’t require root access to recover the files and it can even go as far as to retrieve Whatsapp files. Upon your first launch, the app scans your deleted files, folders, videos, and photos and you can recover them one by one. 

It is always a good idea to take a backup of important files. If you accidentally deleted your files and want to recover , you can give above apps a try The earlier you use these apps there is higher the chance of successful data recovery.