Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G – An Upcoming of Samsung

Aadil Times - April 14, 2021 at 3:42 PM

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE release date

Samsung hasn’t made a regular habit of releasing a FE follow-up model to its flagship Galaxy phones. So unfortunately we don’t have years of historical data to draw from when making an educated guess as to when the Galaxy S21 FE will launch.

However, SamMobile reported that the company is planning to release a new one each year. As such, we can be fairly confident that Samsung plans to replicate the strategy it employed with the Galaxy S20 line.

The Galaxy S20 FE was unveiled on September 23, 2020, and then launched just over a week later on October 2. Assuming the release schedule is roughly the same, we can expect to see the S21 FE in early fall.

However, there is a wrinkle — the Galaxy S21 launched earlier than usual. Typically Samsung flagships launch a few months into the year. Both the Galaxy S10 and S20 launched in March, but Samsung released the S21 in mid-January. This could have a knock-on effect on the release date of the S21 FE, with its launch also being bumped up a couple of months into late summer.

While the S20 FE was positioned as a less expensive version of the Galaxy S20 in that lineup, it was by no means a cheap device. It launched with two varieties, a 4G and 5G model. The 5G Galaxy S20 FE cost $699 / £699 / AU$1,149, whereas Samsung priced the 4G model, which skipped out on a US release, at £599 / AU$999.

However, due to the fact that the S21 launched at a lower initial price point than the S20, we’d expect to see the S21 FE pitched at a comparatively smaller price in order to keep the continuity of the range.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE design rumors

According to OnLeaks, the S21 FE will look much the same as the Galaxy S21 — the same central pinhole selfie camera, and traffic light-style triple camera array — but the camera bump will be part of the phone’s shell, rather than an extension of the phone’s metal frame, as it is on the S21.

In addition, it looks like the S21 FE will be 4mm taller and 3.3mm wider than the S21, though the same thickness. This translates into a larger screen: 6.4 inches, compared to the S21’s 6.2-inch display.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE specs

The Galaxy S21 FE’s specs remain a mystery. But looking back at the S20 FE compared to the S20, the S21 FE is likely to only be a modest downgrade on the S21 — with a price tag to match.

Thanks again to SamMobile, we know Samsung is currently plugging away on a Galaxy device bearing the model designation SM-G990B, internet speculation has pegged this as the Galaxy S21 FE.

Assuming this model number is the S21 FE, then we know it’ll be 5G-ready, run Android 11, and come with a choice of 128GB or 256GB of storage. The phone is also tipped be available in multiple colors: white, gray/silver, pink, light green and violet.

We don’t know about the rear camera yet, but the front camera is set to pack in a 32MP sensor. That’s the same resolution as the Galaxy S20 FE, and significantly higher than the 10MP front camera on the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus.

Of course, it could also improve on the S21 in some areas. The S20 FE had a bigger battery than the standard S20 despite it being the entry point of the range. So hopefully, the S21 FE will add in some features we felt the S21 was lacking a little.