NEPSE decreases by 1.29 points

Aadil Times - June 17, 2021 at 4:40 PM

Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) has decreased by 1.29 points on Thursday, the last trading day of the week.

With today’s decline, the index has come down to 2,968.43 points.

A total of 20.33 million share of 223 companies traded 1,24,561 times resulting in a turnover of 10.90 billion.

The index of banking group decreased by 10 points, trade by 14 points, hydropower by 2 points, manufacturing by 11 points and microfinance by 64 points.

Similarly, hotels and tourism increased by 36 points, development banks by 94 points, finance by 33 points, non-life insurance by 52 points, others by 26 points and life insurance by 15 points.

Likewise, the price of Khanikhol Hydro increased by 6 percent. Similarly, prices of Nepal Finance, Green Development Bank, Karnali Development Bank increased by 5 percent.

The price of CEDB Hydropower, which had gone up by 10 percent till Wednesday, has gone down the most by 6.5 percent today.

The price of Chyangdi Hydro and Ngadi Group has declined by 3 percent.