Database Error During IMEI Registration of Mobile Phone

Aadil Times - July 6, 2021 at 9:20 PM

Nepal Telecommunication Authority trying to bring a new rule into implementation related to compulsory IMEI registration of mobile phone in Nepal.

NTA says to register your IMEI number before 15 July 2021 (Shrawan 1) . For now there is no charge or fee for registration for both Individual and for Importer.

But technically NTA is not ready as we can see website is on mysql and not able to handle the request of people which is currently very low. The website is not able to handle and NTA should increase mysql connection for smooth registration for now as there will be huge traffic in starting period.

The phone that is brought into the network after Shrawan 1st won’t work. For now the phones which is not registered and is into the network will won’t stop working. Those phones will have time to register and may stop after certain period of time if not registered.