Chinese team clearing landslip at Tibet’s Rongsi River that joins Tamakoshi in Dolakha

Aadil Times - June 19, 2021 at 5:08 PM

A Chinese team has been mobilized in Tibet to clear landslide debris on the Rongsi River, which joins the Tamakoshi River in Nepal.

Dolakha Chief District Officer Basu Dev Ghimire said a Chinese team was working to remove the landslide debris from the river in Tibet since Saturday morning. The Rongsi River in Tibet had been blocked due to a landslide on Friday. “It is learned that the Chinese team is removing the debris in the river,” Ghimire said.

The Rongsi River joins the Tamakoshi River in the Lappi area of ​​Dolakha.

The Dolakha administration has appealed to the locals to be vigilant as the flow of water could be high after the work of removing landslide debris is completed.